Saturday, December 3, 2016

MK Ultra Families - the Atkins and the Crunicans

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In October 2015, I , Ellen Atkin, discovered this image on the internet. It has been well used since 2007 on the net. My mother was electroshocked by Ewan Cameron in Montreal in the '50's. A video of her being shocked is part of Infowars produced movie, State of Mind: The Psychology of Control (2013). A still from that vid is part of the movie Push as well. (2009). My sister is clinically insane. She was a violent schizophrenic, My brother drowned in '85. My father was also inducted into the Ontario mental health system in his early teens and had a strange affiliation with many catholic priests. Nobody in my family has every received any compensation for the torture and abuse we received thru the governments, health care systems and the mk ultra program.

 I just discovered this clip with the first ever explanation as to where this came from... This woman on the hospital bed getting electroshocked is my mother, Emma Jane Crunican, from London, Ontario. She married John Atkin from Windsor, Ontario in 1959 in Montreal.

Quote from the maker of this clip:
Uploaded on 12 Apr 2007
Video I made for Habitual Inmate by The Bastard Fairies.
I used Public Domain footage from a surreal film called 'Mental Health' made by the Oklahoma State Department of Health in 1953.

I think this image here could be my dad... He went skitzo when he was 16, joined the seminary, was hospitalized 2 weeks later because of a "nervous breakdown"... Then he went to university (western) and managed to get his MA and become a high school English teacher.

That dude on the left is Joseph Mengele. When I do a reverse image search on mkultra girl, that original photo without all the insets I added, the search bar does an auto fill with the phrase: josef mengele experiments list. 

Nobody on either side of the family will say shit if their mouths were full of it. Some distant relatives have been helpful but only with a few anecdotes. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

spooking the spooks

Same article on mk ultra:  appears here in 3 different blogs, one in Spanish. but I have seen it in Russian, Japanese... it is the same article.. just passed around like a dirty shirt. toomuch of this crap on blogs. blogs should be original. save the lazy reposts for facebook.

this is my mom

Friday, November 4, 2016

Operation Door #4 - Rise of the Dragon Scam

No matter what any of the increasingly relevant leak sites say, (soldiers you need to buck up- your allegiances are proving fatal to your bloodlines), they still have not got the game plan. Here it is, so you can't say I didn't tell you so.

It is totally by design - the US election set up. Why do people not look behind the curtain when it has been revealed so many times? Most are afraid to face the demons, inside and out. Including SUPER SOLDIERS! I laugh at them and the rest. You are nothing to the true soldiers of God. You will be consumed in this mess like the rest if you don't heed these warnings.

God has been sending warning after warning and few media players take heed. However, it is assuring to know that the majority of planet earth people who actually do run things are in full possession of their faculties and will not be swayed or wavered by any means. The outer circus is attempting to usher in the rise of the dragon with this pathetic election, end of the western world, currency reval/collapse, mkultra, cabal, alien, disclosure, UN, NATO, NWO, collateral accounts, new age love and lighters, elitist alt communities, gold standard, Indonesian, nesara, SWISS INDO, M1, SINO, fakers, liars, cheats, scammers, criminal, mafia SCAM!

Advise to those who get it.


This is it. If we are ever to recognize the prophesies of the bible, now is the time. Who ever wins this election will only rule for an hour. The fit will hit the shan immediately.  God will show who is powerful.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Cancel Cancel Delete Delete Said the Demon

Smashing idols has proved a lot of fun for me. Let me tell you what happened as I went into the thrift store to pick up some inspirational Jesus stuff to decorate my home with. I have been removing anything that might be construed as satanic portals and thought i would made some additions. Well! Be Careful!... so there I am walking into the store and I am attacked by a demon right off.

He is inside of a schizophrenic man who no doubt has had his troubles with drugs and lord knows what else. This lurker starts circling me and eyeballing me in the usual dark vacuum like energy that is easily identifiable as dark power. there is power to it, which is why people often get mesmerized. But it is only the kind of power that leads you to the open pit of hell.

So he starts pointing at me and saying, Cancel, Cancel, Delete, Delete... I had actually forgotten that until a few days later. In my awareness, I said something like, in the name of Jesus Christ, you are possessed by a demon. He foolishly stopped, stuck his nose in the air and said, "I am an angle of light". Well we all know that Lucifer is the real angel of light also known as the light bearer.

So this dude circles the counter with his eye on me the whole time. The clerk tells me he is schitzo and I tell her yeh, I know, my sister was schitzo and most of my family. I know exactly what I am talking about, he is possessed by a demon. Been there done that. She starts to come around and said, you know I think yo uare right, his eyes were completely black. no difference between the pupil and the iris. I saw that too, but there are people who have very dark eyes, like my Uncle Paul, otherwise known as Father Paul Crunican. He had eye colour as close to black as you can get. Hmmmmmm... No word on his history other than he was the pride of his natal family and everybody loved him. I refused to call him Father Paul, since I was an aethiest. He was a nice man as far as I remember.

Then, I ask the clerk for a bidding number because I want to bid on an item in the display case. The demon possessed man is approaching me from his loop and says immediately, "221". I look this number up in the satanic meaning of things on line and it means... God has forsaken thee.  GREAT!

Well, someone here has not cancelled or deleted the information. In fact, I am sharing it for all to know of such things.

So the guy leaves the store because there are too many eyes on him and I start shopping. I pick up a bunch of items that I think might be good for reminders of faith and bring them home...

Turns out a few of them are Lucifer's tricky false idols masquerading as Christian things. I kinda had the feeling so I posted pics of these demons on my FB and got quick answers about there origin.

Then, I got rid of them for ever and sent their sorry demon asses back to hell. In the name of Jesus Christ. The real one.

Please note that this work is not for everyone. You have to know how to deal with demons. You can't just do this work willy nilly. If you do not double down on your prayers and acceptance as Jesus as your saviour inside, for real and keep it up all the time (remember there are no 2 alike moments in time ever), then you should not be doing this work. You could become possessed x7 times as it says in the Bible. Most people I know get scared and start believing some nonsense about the higher self and aliens are going to save us, than get enough bravado actually face a demon.

Time and time again, I have heard and I have seen the power of defying demons. It only works in the name of Jesus Christ. hey don't just believe me. Do the research. Linda Maxwell, knows all to well and has done great exposure of the false demonology of the spiritualists in England like Blavatsky and Bailey and all those fat asses. This stuff happens more often than you realize. That is why we don't substitute Jesus Christ's name for Sanada, Jaweh, or any of that stuff. The power comes in the words, Jesus Christ.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


The reason they are using a last ditch attempt at armed insurrection over the land defenders is because they know that if they go to court they will lose. This is the last chance they have to incite the masses. We know about those things up here in Canada. The misguided members of law enforcement (you will be found guilty too) are always taking orders from satan herself, queen elizabeth and her pedo pal, pope frances. Despite the legal rights of people to their land. So now, once and for all, I call you despots out and demand the detention and repossession of all your worldly wealth. I command that you are cast out from the kingdom of heaven on earth. I command that your persons are no longer of any consequence to your chattels. You are released and resigned from your duties. Lucifer hates you. You lose.

All military, police, alphabet agencies, agents, representatives  STAND DOWN!

In the name of Jesus Christ stand down. Your actions are unsupported. The hostile takeover of the infrastrucure will not be criminally enforced. All military, police, alphabet agencies, agents, representatives are immediately found guilty of crimes that warrent diplomatic action and acknowledgement. In the absence of any such leadership within positions public and private, I, Ellen Atkin, do now assume command.

New Orders Stand Down.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Consumer Warning Mission Automotive, BC (updated)

Okay, so 2 days after I got the tires done - the first day out since - I had a flat in the driveway. This time I was hopping mad and demanded a full refund. AND, I got one... So, I guess that there is some accountability here. I advised that he charge industry standard rates. We shook hands and I left. I also agreed to delete the google review which I did.

Here is the original post:
Pretty sure these silky scammers at Mission Automotive, British Columbia are feeding their google review comments with anonymous 5 star reviews to skew the reality. 

Here is what I wrote today: 

in the last week

$225.00 to put snow tires on. I called 3 other reputable tire places to verify this tire industry rip off in Mission, British Columbia at Mission Automotive. All 3 said they clean dirty tires and use bead sealer all the time without charging extra. The industry standard is $20/tire. The most they charge for mounting and balancing is $90 some dollars. Mission Automotive charged me $125.98 for mounting and balancing and $62.99 for cleaning and bead sealing and $3.00 for hazardous materials. They had some guy in the back room on his knees wiping them down with solvent. It was an hour into the whole operation when they took me into the back room to show me this spectacle. It is not just me either. As I was sitting on the chair in front of the door, another client walked out of Mission Automotive and said, "Thieves", as he walked away. When I called to give them the opportunity to correct themselves, I was rudely rebuffed, after being run around with 2 other phone calls. It is my opinion that the entire staff are fully culpable in this tire industry fraud. I suspect they get these calls all the time. Do not go to Mission Automotive for anything. Bad business, no accountability. I signed the invoice under duress and noted it as such. I did not legally accept their invoice. But I had to pay it to get out of there with my vehicle. I do not consent to their fraudulent, rip off scam artistry. You shouldn't either.
This is the last review before mine, a week earlier, another 1 star with a very similar story. I spent 20 minutes talking to the owner, Mani (the Dad) about religion and politics that I could barely understand due to his thick accent but he didn't hesitate to include that he was a tiger in the bedroom. I made that part out.

in the last week

I think this shop does good work, but every time I have gone into Mission Automotive my car has stayed longer and the repairs have been way more than I anticipated. The last time I was in there they 'caught' some 'major issues' that had been somehow missed by 3 different mechanics who inspected the car.

After talking to other mechanics and other former customers, they are all quick to recommend other shops over MA.

Long story short, they will milk you for all they can and call you by name while they sweet talk you so you feel good about it.
Ironically, during my conversation with the older Mani, I asked him if it was true that certain East Indian metaphysical teachers have purposely perverted their teachings to intentionally screw up western people to get back at them for the atrocities done in India by the British? At first he denied it but after I mentioned Goenka of Vipassana fame and Bikram, the now dethroned sexual predator Ahole of the hot yoga world, his ego got the better of him and he admitted to their massive fraud.
6 months ago-

Out of province vehicle, had to have rear brakes redone. When they inspected the front brakes they forgot to bolt the caliper sliders back on one side. Fixed it myself and took pictures of the issue. Mani said it was definitely not his mechanics that did it ,no one would be that stupid. I beg to differ. Never again!
It gets Better!
a year ago

I applied for a detailing job with this business. I spoke to Mani and after discussing my work history and qualifications got the job. When I showed up ready to work, on time on the date specified by Mani, he went into this tirade on the street in front of the place that because I had done some detail work for the "angels" he didn't want my "kind" to work there. I could hardly believe my ears! He was extremely rude and very unprofessional, wouldn't let me speak or get a word in edge wise. He left me standing out on the street dumbfounded turned on his heel and said were done!
What a way to run a business. So does this mean that if you look like a biker you will be turned away from Mission Automotive? Is this man (of east indian decent) unaware that there are laws in this country that protect people from discrimination? It's called Human Rights Mani. Just because I detailed some vehicles DOES NOT mean I endorse any beliefs that any of my past clients may or may not subscribe to! Its called making a living Mani.
So to all of you BEWARE that if you happen to look like a biker you run the risk of being humiliated by Mani at Mission Automotive before being told you are not welcome at this establishment! I have never heard of such nonsense nor have I ever experienced such rude and unprofessional ignorance in my life. I wouldn't dream of working for this clown!
And the topper!
a year ago

**Warning** UPDATED Review - Totally deceived - Do Not Buy-
My 17 yr old just bought his first car from Mani (and his brother and Father ) at Mission Automotive. The car was cheaper than buying privately, and came with all mechanical issues fixed and Mani's amazing customer service. Not only did my son get a mechanically sound car at a fantastic price, but he got to experience first hand what customer service is supposed to be about. Thankyou Mani ( and family) for modelling integrity and character to my son.
:( :( :( :( :( :(
**UPDATED REVIEW** - Well, we were totally deceived. Yes, the car came with their "Peace of Mind" Total System Auto Inspection done by Mission Automotive, which showed all systems were "good to go - no work required". However, there was a rattle in the car 2 weeks after we bought it and we were about to go on a long trip. So we had our regular mechanic look the car over. What our mechanic found was not what was promised by Mission Automotive:
-Mission Automotive said brakes were good, at 80% left
-our mechanic said front brakes only had 5 % left and needed replacement
-Mission Automotive said all engine belts were "good to go"
-our mechanic found the power steering belt was cracked and needed replacement
-Mission Automotive said the oil was "good to go" and just changed
-our mechanic said the oil was dirty and needed changing
-Mission Automotive said the suspension and steering systems were "good to go"
-our mechanic said 1 ball joint and another control arm bushing needed replacement
-Mission Automotive said muffler was "good to go"
-our mechanic said muffler was broken
When we confronted Mission Automotive with the discrepancies between their pre-sale inspection and our mechanic's inspection they said:
1. They will "pass" any system as "good to go - no work required" as long as it exceeds the province's MINIMUM safety standards. Nowhere on their "Peace of Mind" inspection do they state this. Would you feel safe with "MINIMUM" safety?
2. They said we must have broken the muffler "going over a speed bump" - really? Then would not a real inspection find that the muffler was not "good to go" but actually about to break?
3. They cast doubt on the findings of our mechanic regarding the brakes - 80% to 5%? But our mechanic showed us the 5% wear when the car was up on the hoist.
4. We questioned their inspection standards since they passed items that had potential problems without alerting the buyer. When asked if they would inform regular service customers that their car, while passing MINIMUM standards, required some work due to a worn ball joint, or cracked belt, or old muffler about to break, or worn bushing - they said "No, we would not inform our customers if there was a potential problem as long as it passed minimum safety standards as per their "peace of mind" inspection."
Really? Either this is an outright lie to cover their false inspection - or this is a warning to all you future customers to avoid their service dept. since they will not tell you if your car has a potential problem as long as it meets minimum safety standards - even if it will break down on the road in a month.
1. If you take your car for service, can you really trust them to tell you the truth, if they mislead customers on the condition of their inspected used cars before selling them?
2. If you plan to buy a used car from them, do not assume their service inspection to accurately depict the actual condition of the car. Get the car independently inspected and get real "peace of mind"
Just another bad day?
a year ago

Nightmare of stupid little lies - won't honour warranty. Went to BBB and Mani wouldn't respond to them - originally got new battery and alternator for $900 - immediately had problems with alternator and was told I had a one year warranty and then told 30 days and they would not address it after spending hours and hours in shop waiting - then Mani told me they wouldn't service it and I had to go somewhere else to get a new alternator - just waiting for Small Debts Court.
I love this one, 
6 months ago

Would not recommend. Go to fountain tire instead...
And this one!

4 years ago

Wow; What a experience.I cannot find another business establishment with such an unprofessional people, lowest grade customer service and and where customer is milked for money like anything.
I was visiting my friend in Mission and my car develop a snag so I landed at their shop. The guy at shop told it would cost $89.90 to diagnose and it will take 1-1.5 hour to diagnose. We agreed and left the car with the shop to attend.
Hardly 20-25 min. had passed that we received a call informing us that the radiator of the car had developed a leak and it needs to be replaced. We were given an estimate of $427 over and above the 89.90. That took us by surprise. We were evaluating our options. My friend was trying to be humorous and asked if he is going to give us a discount if we go ahead with the repair since he has spent only 15 minutes on diagnosing the problem as compared to 1-1.5 hours as earlier told.
As we found later, the diagnostic was not complete. We were told he cannot proceed further without doing the repair work and if anything else is found we have to pay for that also but he wont charge for further diagnostic. In nutshell, i wont know how much it is going to cost me to get the car repaired. I was not willing to do that.
Probably we did not realize that the guy at counter had a zero sense of humor. Anyway, we asked if any salvage yard would be open. He point blank said since it is saturday, no salvage yard is open, which incidentally we found later was a lie. the salvage yards were open on saturday also.
Suffice to say, suddenly the guy lost his cool and started using the f**k word before and after every sentence. I am sure, he must have done graduation in using the f**k word and may be preparing to do Ph.D in this. i have never listened to the 'f"word in full year as compared to what i endured that day.
On top of it, he would let us take the car out of the shop unless we pay him the full amount which i paid and took the keys. We wanted to talk to the mechanic as to the nature of the problem but he wont let us do that to our satisfaction.
We were even branded "PAKI"by the same guy and were asked to go back to Pakistan. I am sure, he himself must ave forgotten his own back ground. i am not sure if he would like to tell his parents the same thing.
What a way to treat visitors to one's town.
Once out of the shop, we took out car to Canadian and told them the whole story. And our experience at Mission Canadian Tire was entirely opposite. The guys were professional, courteous and very helpful.and imagine we got the same work done for $367 including taxes. My car was also ready for pick up with in 2 hours. I was greatly impressed. Incidentally this was my second experience with Canadian tire in as many days.
motto of the story; Go to Mission Auto but expect anything. I wont and wont recommend Mission Auto to anybody after all that we had experienced.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Ultra Nation Stations Founding

Ultra Nation Stations
Physical and Virtual


Revivors from the MKUltra, Milab and TI communities, physically, mentally, spiritually and etherically revoke consent to matrix deceptions while grokking God's plan as we enter the end times.
Ultra Nation Stations are created by non consensual hard core revivors of trauma based mind control, restoring natural frequency and natural law through our own awakening processes.

Tired of attempts to explain "the programme"? Tired of seeing the same articles passed around the same anonymous ad laden sites over and over again? Tired of "survivors" (insert any moniker here) hijacking your narrative in the ages old, us against them, double play of controlling information because, "they know best?"

So are we.

Ultra Nation is currently doing these things:

  • Providing emergency extraction from gang stalking, gas lighting, cult abuse and etheric attack situations in both the US and Canada with certified security professionals.
  • Providing secure personal sanctuary at physical locations in Fraser Valley, British Columbia
  • Providing current and professional healing techniques through trauma counseling professionals and other subtle energy frequency decoder facilitators.
  • Setting up alternative off the grid energy systems (rocket stove)
  • Providing healing and alternative therapies with certified facilitators using systems and protocols from Angel's Health Institute.

Ultra Nation Station

Operated by Ellen Atkin, (aka MK Ultra girl) Ultra Nation Station is on a 5 acre private gated estate in the Fraser Valley in Beautiful British Columbia.

There are 3 natural water sources on the property and water rights are included.

It backs onto a mountain range that extends 1000km into uncharted wilderness.

Easy access to swimming, boating, fishing and all the outdoor activities that BC is famous for.

The Fraser River and the Harrison River are close by.

There is a private creek and wilderness trail on the property.

The 2400 sq. ft house is currently undergoing renovations.

There is a wrap around large outdoor deck.

Wild berries grow everywhere. 

All facilities are modern and updated.

Ultra Nation Station is a 3 bedroom house with a full basement with an downstairs suite.

2 full bathrooms, 1 half bathroom and a separated outdoor she/ he cabin.

Initial funding phase requires $100,000 to secure for one year.

$225,000 is required to buy a 1/3 share.

$700,000 is the buy out price for the whole estate.

Ultra Nation Station is real, right now.

August to October will see us soft launching a new on line internet 24/7 radio station through our current platforms: you tube, list building and social media.

We will be releasing information, getting support and calling for talent to fill our radio slots. If you think you are ready, please contact us.